Feel the different in the ayurveda treatment


Arrive to the land like no other – Beautiful Sri Lanka

Day 01: Negombo

Check into your hotel and relax completely. In the afternoon you get the opportunity to enjoy an Ayurveda Treatment at the Hotel, which revitalizes your body and mind.

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  • Enjoy complete relaxation on arrival
  • Experience natural Ayurveda Treatment at the Hotel
Day 02 & 03: Negombo / Habarana / Anuradhapura / Ritigala Forest Reserve

Negombo is a small hyperactive fishing village, consisting of the Fisherfolk, Fish Market, the Lagoon and the night BBQ parties. We then proceed to Habarana, a dry zone area which has many herbal and medicinal plants and medication. You will enjoy Ayurvedic Treatments for personal ailments by the professional Ayurveda Doctors, and you could also get personal advice from them. Having received the personal medicinal side of it, you will head to Anuradhapura sacred city. There are many historical sites of archeological value to see. The roads which are miles long in length are nice and clear of any traffic. A Cycling Tour will be arranged for you to see the village life and its immediate activities. From here onwards, we will proceed to see the Ritigala Forest Reserve. This location is surrounded by mountains and is very close to Anuradhapura, and an ideal location to treat yourself for a special Ayurvedic Treatments for all your illnesses, Aches & Pains in your Body. The expertise and experts are here for your guidance and advice. Take advantage of this benefit for yourself.

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  • Visit to the Negombo Fishing Village
  • Inspect the Habarana Herbal and Medicinal Plants
  • Personal Ayurvedic Treatment and advice
  • Enjoy a Cycling tour in Anuradhapura
  • Explore the Ritigala Forest Reserve, with Ruins, Circular Terraces, Stone Bridge, Stone banked Pond built, and Streams
Day 04 / 05 / & 06: Habarana / Kandy / Knuckles / Yoga / Meditation.

From the Herbal and Medicinal Plantation, we now move onto Kandy, the sacred city. Kandy to date is known for herbal and ointment medication. In the good old days there were Native Doctors who treated any kind of illnesses or wounds through this process, The older generation still believe that Ayurvedic treatment is better than the Western Treatment. Kandy is also famous for these Herbal and Medicinal Plants which are taken for decoctions and ointments specially for wounds. Moving on, we proceed to the Knuckles Mountain Range. Taking a cool walk in the Mountain Range gives you a feeling of inner relief, peace of mind and calmness. This helps you to soothe your nerves, regain what has been lost in your system. From here, we now take pleasure in performing Yoga, which is the thing in today’s society and crazy world. Yoga helps you with inner healing and calmness of the body and mind, and helps you to think positively. Guided Meditation, another healing process will help you release the stress in your body and mind, and helps to remain peacefully, which is a crying need today. All these processes eventually helps you to release the tension and stress in your body and mind, and is a must to lead a perfect normal healthy life.

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  • Visit to the Native Doctors and explore the herbal and medicinal plantations.
  • Take a cool walk in the mountains to regain inner peace of mind
  • Performing Yoga Exercises for a clear mind and body
  • Exercise Meditation for Inner Relief, Stress Free Mind and Calmness
Days 07 / 08 & 09: Kandy / Koggala

From Yoga and Meditation, we now experience another superb treatment called SPA Treatment. Generally Spa treatment is Stress Reliever, and most people experience a full body massage after a very stressful time or period. Ladies especially treat themselves prior to a special event or function.

The most important benefits you gain from Spa Treatment are:

  • Allows you to destress
  • Helps you with Anti Ageing
  • Promotes better Sleep
  • Relieves Aches & Pains
  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Improves Blood Flow & Circulation
  • Prevent Varicose Veins
  • Reduces frequency of Headaches
  • Promotes Radian Skin
  • Increases Happiness

After a good Spa Treatment, we now proceed to a Guided Cycling Tour. This helps you to a good physical exercise, burns the extra fat in your body and also helps you to build strong body muscles, and improves your appetite. From here, we confront an exciting Cooking Experience. Guided by our Master Chefs, they teach you the methods of cooking Sri Lankan Spicy Dishes, such as Crabs, Prawns, Buriyani, Fried Rice, Beef and Mutton Curries and a whole host of Vegetables – tempered and white Curries to Salads and to the mouthwatering Sri Lankan Desserts, which as simply colorful and palatable.

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  • Enjoy a Full Body Massage Spa Treatment
  • Experience a Manicure & Pedicure Treatment
  • Enjoy a Guided Cycling Tour
  • Take part in a Sri Lankan Cookery Class
Day 10 / 11 / 12 & 13: Koggala / Talalla / Yoga

From this fascinating experience, we now proceed to Talalla Boutique Resort. Here time is measured in moments of Serenity & Pleasure. It is a get away from it all location and ideally suited for Ayurvedic Treatment and Exercises. Ayurveda Treatment requires absolute serenity and calmness, as it helps rejuvenates your whole body and system to normalcy. Yoga one of the best exercises needed to release tension and stress from your body and mind. Yoga is practiced the world over for its unique health benefits, is simply amazing.

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  • Relax in cozy comfort of Talalla Boutique Hotel
  • Enjoy a specially designed Ayurvedic Treatment for your body and mind
  • Perform a Yoga exercise and feel the difference
  • Enjoy a fabulous Beach Stay.
Day 14:

After experiencing a full body treatment and rejuvenating your system to normalcy, it is now time to board your flight and return to home sweet home, to join family and friends.