Love Changes Everything


Day 01:

On your arrival to this heavenly paradise, you will be ushered to the City of Colombo. We will then facilitate all details for you to check into your hotel to get some rest.

Day 02:

Once done, you and your partner will be given the privilege to enjoy a full Ayurveda Couples Massage. Later on in the day, you may go on a shopping spree, and towards late evening, a Cycle Ride will be made available to you both, to see the night city life in Colombo.

Day 03: Colombo / Pinnawala / Sigiriya

Having experienced a little bit of Colombo and its night life, you will be escorted to Pinnawala, the Elephant Orphanage, where abandoned wild Elephants and their Babies are looked after. The big Elephants are given a bath twice a day, while the baby Elephants who are less than 3 years are still been bottle fed.

Soon after this site, you will head to Sigiriya, and see the mighty Water Gardens which is still astonishing, as to how it originated. A fun filled climb to its peak, will simply amaze you and your lover. Later on a Cycle Ride for both will be arranged, and then head to the hotel to be amused for a Romantic Lovers Night. A visit to the Hiriwadunna Village awaits you, where no modern technology is used whatsoever. One begins to wonder how this is still practiced with the old school of thought. You will experience a typical village lifestyle, with its food, environment and lifestyle.


  • A visit to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • Experience a bit of Pinnawala village lifestyle
  • Climb Sigiriya Fortress
  • Enjoy the Romantic Lovers Night
  • Visit the Hiriwadunna Village
  • Experience typical village lifestyle
Day 04: Hot Air Balloon Ride / Minneriya National Park
Day 04: Hot Air Balloon Ride / Minneriya National Park

You will never experience true magic, until you’ve flown in a hot air balloon. Usually these rides are done in the morning due to its distance and speed. This ride gives you a splendid view of the earth below. Dambulla and Kandalama are two definitely identified spots for these rides. It is an incredible experience, that one will never ever forget.

Minneriya National Park – a dry zone area consists of a massive tank where herds of Elephants come in the evening to drink water. There are beautiful hotels in and around the area for people to have a good look at these majestic Elephants in their natural form.


  • Enjoy a hot air balloon ride
  • Take a Jeep Safari trip to the Minneriya National Park
Day 05: Sigiriya / Kandy

Climb the Sigiriya Fortress Rock in the morning to watch the beautiful sunrise, and then head towards Kandy, with a stop over at the Spice Gardens. Enjoy a true Sri Lankan spicy Rice & Curry that is really palatable. Get a fascinating Head & Shoulder Massage to revitalize yourself, and to sum it up experience a Kandyan Cultural Dance at the end.


  • Climb Sigiriya Rock
  • Enjoy truly Sri Lankan Food at the Spice Gardens
  • Indulge in a Head & Shoulder Massage
  • Watch Kandyan Cultural Dance
Day 06: Kandy / Peradeniya

Enjoy a City Tour of Kandy and admire the splendor and beauty of the Kandyan City, and its Arts & Crafts. Visit the Kandy Temple, where the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is enshrined. Kandy is also part and parcel of the Cultural Triangle, and is a specially designated Buddhist pilgrimage destination.

Take a break and then proceed to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. This Garden consists of more than 4000 species of Herbs, Plants and Nurseries. It is one of the best in the whole of Asia. As Kandy & Peradeniya are close to each other, there are many shops that sell Precious & Semi Precious Gems, Colorful and artistically designed Batiks, specially and intricately carved wooden Statues and beautiful Silk.


  • City Tour of Kandy
  • Visit the Kandy Temple
  • Visit the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens
  • Enjoy Shopping in Kandy & Peradeniya
Day 07 & 08 : Hatton

Leave the artistic city of Kandy and embark on a Train Ride to Hatton. It is a major centre for the Tea Industry. Hatton is also the busiest city in the hill country. The train journey from Kandy to Hatton is on a upward trend and into the hills. It is also the main focal point to other Tea growing regions. The view of Hatton from the train is simply out of this world. Check into a Hotel, and relax in absolute comfort. You will enjoy true romance with a candle lit dinner at night. The next day take a blissful walk, in the ever green Tea Hills, and enjoy a superb freshly grown Sri Lankan tea, in the chilling climate.


  • Enjoy a Train Ride from Kandy to Hatton
  • See vast growth of the luscious Tea Estates
  • Enjoy the Candle Lit Dinner at the Hotel
  • Walk as an exercise in the Tea Hills of Hatton
  • Enjoy a refreshing cup of Sri Lankan Tea
Day 09: Hatton /Galle

Galle is a historical city and is one of the most popular towns in Sri Lanka with a mix of History, Culture, Village Life, Sea, Sand and the beautiful scenery. Take a trip to the Galle Fort and be amazed at the rich history it has to offer, among other things.

Enjoy a fantastic Boat Ride along the Madhu River. It is a wetland near Balapitiya, and the point of the Estuary. This river flows through a terrain, where it creates a large no of islands, and the eco systems combined, makes it beautiful wetland. Hotels in and around this area, offers Boat Rides. And an ideal place to stay, dine and wine.


  • Visit the Galle Fort
  • Enjoy the culture, culture, great food
  • Take a dip in the mighty ocean
  • Enjoy a boat ride in the Madhu River
Day 10:

Enjoy a beautiful day on the beach. Indulge in Surfing, Swimming, Snorkeling and even Deep Sea Diving. Participate in the pulling of the fishing nets to the sea shore with the village fisher folk. Enjoy a fabulous Sea Food Platter on the Beach, have fun and play some beach games.


  • Enjoy many Beach Activities
  • Relish Sea Food on the beach
  • Participate in Beach Games and have fun
Day 11:
It is time to say Bye Bye to sunny Sri Lanka. You will be taken to the Airport, which will help you to reach your ultimate destination.