The ramayana Culture


Day 01: Arrival / Negombo

No sooner you disembark in Sri Lanka, you are driven in comfort to the shores of Negombo for some vibrancy, action filled fishing village to relax and unwind your cares away.

Day 02: Negombo / Chilaw / Kandy

After your blissful rest in Negombo, the much awaited journey begins as you head to Chilaw, and visit the Munneswaram and Mannawari Temples. Dating back thousands of years ago, it is known that these two Temples have had close contacts with the famous Indian love story of “Ramayana” and the main character is portrayed by the then King Rama. Today this love story is revered as a Hindu Guide for living, as Rama is an incarnation of God Vishnu.

After this fascinating experience, we proceed to the capital of the Kandyans – Kandy. At this point a brief guided tour of the city will be arranged for you, before the night falls.


  • Visit to the Munneswaram and Mannawari Historical Temples depicting the history of the famous love story
  • Get a first hand experience of the Kandy City Tour
  • Enjoy its beauty and other important values
Day 03: Kandy / Nuwara Eliya

We now leave the Kandyan Kingdom and proceed to Nuwara Eliya, the centre of the hill capital. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the great mountains, a stop over is made at the Ramboda to take a close look of the ancient Hindu Scriptures located in the Shri Bhakta Hanuman Temple, which was constructed by the Chinmay mission of Sri Lanka.

We continue our journey to see the Seetha Aman Kovil which is totally venerated to Sita, the much loved person of King Rama – the Hindu God.


  • Visiting the Shri Bhatka Hanuman Temple to know the history behind it
  • Visit the Seetha Amman Kovil, which is purely venerated to Sita
Day 04: Nuwara Eliya / Bandarawela

After chilling out in the misty mountains, we now proceed to Bandarawela with a stop over at the Gayathri Peedam Temple. History reveals that this location or site was selected purely for the spiritual dedication to the Goddess Gayathri, thus denoting it as an important location to trace the Ramayana history.

After a short break, we proceed to the Divurumpola Temple. It is known to have direct ties to the Ramayana history and is mapped as a historically site in Sri Lanka. This beautiful location is ironically believed to be the site where Sita indulged in the “Fire Test” to show her purity to God Rama after being saved by him.


  • Visit the Gayathri Peedam Temple
  • Visit the Historical Divurumpola Temple
Day 05: Bandarawela / Ella / Katharagama

From the two historical temples of Bandarawela, we proceed to Ella or otherwise known as the “Lonely Planet”. Ella is known for its pure natural beauty with Waterfalls, Luscious Greenery and mountainous Hills. Ella is a noteworthy destination in the Ramayana History, and we experience the famous Ravana Falls together with the Ravana Caves, which is mysterious and historical to date, they were mighty works of King Ravana.

Activities in Ella:

  • Visit the Ravana Falls
  • Visit mysterious and historical Ravana Caves
Day 06: Katharagama / Ussangoda / Galle / Hikkaduwa / Colombo

Having approached another sacred city – Katharagama Temple is very much significant to the Buddhist, dedicated to the Katharagama God and the Hindu God Murugan. Many Buddhists and Hindus predominantly patronize this temple, and sometimes just to gain exposure, the Muslims as well as the Christians visit this temple to get a glimpse of it.

We then proceed to Ussangoda, which is mapped out as an archeological location, because of its elevated ground bordering the sea. It is mainly covered with grass, with a few areas of forests, and history reveals that this location was used as a landing ground for King Ravana’s Pushpaka Vimana.

Soon afterwards, we proceed to Galle to explore Rumassala, which is demarcated as another location in the Ramayana history, where Rama’s Brother Lakshman was attacked in a battle. This remarkable location identified that the medicinal herbs grown as much as in the Himalayas, was the only source of cure for his wounds. Subsequently the Monkey God Hanuman, travelled to the Himalayas in search of the herbs, but could not recall its real names. And so furiously, he cracked a piece of the mountain, and flung that part away, which to date is known as Rumassala.

We now proceed to the Seenigama Temple, which is located near the main town of Hikkaduwa. This Temple is designated to God Devol, which is around 300 years old, but some others believe that it could be around a 1000 years old. This Temple is declared as a very sacred temple to mainly the Buddhist as it is understood that God Devol is the only solution provider to many problems of humanity.

Having experienced many historical sites and many places of ancient religious worship, we go on our last lap of the journey to Colombo, to visit the Sri Anjaneyar Temple. This Temple is so unique that it happens to be only a five faced Anjaneyar Temple in the country. In addition to its uniqueness, it portrays statues of different Gods – Sita, Ganesha, Rama and many others. It is known as a fact, that the main deity of this unique temple is Sri Hanuman.


  • Visit Katharagama Temple
  • Visit the Seenigama Temple in Hikkaduwa
  • Explore the Ussangoda Archeological site
  • Experience the Rumassala Mountains in Galle
  • Visit the Sri Anjaneyar Temple in Colombo
Day 07

After a peaceful relaxation and rest in your comfort zone, it is time to take you back to the Airport, where you will long to be in your own destination with family and friends. We hope that this exploration leaves many pleasant memories and experiences, that you carry with you, and cherish the hope of coming back again soon.