UNESCO World Heritage sites

Sri Lanka is on the world map for its World Heritage Sites identified by UNESCO. Galle Fort: A rock fortress built by the Portuguese and then by the Dutch Sigiriya&Dambulla: Man Made Wonders in ancient history – Sigiriya Rock, Frescoes and the Water Garden &Dambulla Rock for the streak of water that travels on the upward trend. Sinharaja Forest: For its natural Rain Forest, Birds, Plants, Fauna & Flora and designated as a Biosphere Reserve. Anuradhapura: For its ancient Shrines and Statues, Historical Landmarks and Monuments and ruled by the then Kings


Sigiriya or better known as the Lion Rock is recognized as the 8th wonder of the world.
The famous Rock Cave Temple depicting some of the magnificent murals of Lord Buddha are famous masterpieces These are world famous murals.


Anuradhapura is a sacred city adorned by the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. This city encompasses
Rain water reservoirs, stupas. To add to its grandeur, it has magnificent rock carvings, giant stone pillars, ruins of royal palaces, monasteries and serene temples. People flock to this city mainly on Poya days to obtain religious observances and blessings.


Polonnaruwaas declared as the second capital of Sri Lanka. These ancient ruins speak about the Ancient Kings & Queens who ruled the country at that time. These ruins still stand the test of time and speak volumes of our culture and heritage.

Dambulla Cave Temples

Dambulla the famous Rock Cave Temple depicting some of the magnificent murals of Lord Buddha. These are world famous murals, that are preserved to date. This city is also declared as a world heritage site for tits Golden Temple, rock temple among other ancient ruins.


Kandy is attributed to the most Sacred City in the country. According to the Buddhist belief, it is the temple of the sacred tooth relic of the Lord Buddha. The faith of the Buddhists depends mainly from the blessings from this tooth relic. Annually the famous Kandy Perehera is conducted in all its pomp and pageant, along the streets of Kandy which is patronized mostly by the Tourists

Galle Fort

Galle has a rich history of its UNESCO world heritage sites which are unmatchable in any part of the globe. Another addition to its pride is the Dutch Fort laid out in the city. The Dutch and Portuguese were the initiators of this site, and to date draws people from all walks of life to witness it.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is considered to be one of the best rain forest in the world. This forest reserve consists of very rare species of mammals, butterflies, snakes and amphibians. People visiting this site consider it as one of the best experiences in their lives.