Scenic Landscapes

Sri Lanka is overflowing in abundance with scenic landscapes. Look at it from any angle and you will see its natural beauty which cannot be compared with any other country in the world. The list ranges from Up Country to Low Country to Mountains to Natural Waterfalls to Wild Life Parks to Golden Sand to Beaches to Ancient Buildings, Temples, Churches, Sprawling Rivers and Lakes, Sunrise to Sunset and a plethora of specially identified spots and locations. Even the landscape of modern Buildings to Hotels to Restaurants in and around Colombo speak of their natural beauty themselves.


Ella is a small town located in the hill country surrounded by many tea estates. Since of late, this location has been transformed into a busy night life city, where many tourists come in groups and even individually to entertain themselves to a great variety of spicy food, drinks and night life entertainment.


Situated in the hill country, overlooking mountains and mountains of tea estates. This village is mainly dominated by the Tamil Community. If you happen to take a Train Ride, it covers away the land steeply on both sides. The view on an early morning, gives you a spectacular look of the beautiful sun rise.


NuwaraEliya better known as “Little England” for its chilly weather it is situated in the hill country covered by mountains and mountains of richly grown Tea. Amidst many Tea Factories, Cascading Water Falls, Natural Springs, Breathtaking sprawling Bungalows, the best tea come from this little town.


This location lies between two major towns, namely Matale& Kandy. One could view a sea of mountain peaks, where one varies from the other. This location itself gives you the feeling that you are living in another part of the world.