Camping & Safari

There are many interesting Camping & Safari sites in Sri Lanka. These sites give you a variety to choose from, and a first hand experience of seeing Wild Life in their natural habitat. Among them Wild Elephants, Leopards, Snakes, uncommon Birds. Some of the sites mapped out for this purpose Camping & Safari are Yala, Gal Oya, Wilpattu, Uda Walawe, Horton Plains , Knuckles Mountain Range, Wasgamuwa, Bundala and MaduruOya. If you looking for a normal camping site or a more comfortable camping site, the choices are endless.


This famous national park was chosen and developed as a sanctuary for the wild animals who were displaced due to the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir. It is the 6th largest animal sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Many enjoyable Safaris are being organized for both the locals and tourists who wish to camp out there.


Yala is the second largest national park in the country. Patronized mainly by foreigners as well as locals. It is a place where many endangered animals live in their natural habitat. Safaris organized by professional guides are engaged for these purposes – even single or groups.


This is yet another famous wild life sanctuary in Sri Lanka. The word Wilpattu means land of lakes. This sanctuary is surrounded by many Hotels, Bungalows, Guest Houses and are fully equipped for any local or foreign tourist to stay very comfortably. The packages offered include accommodation, meals, safari pick and drop for your absolute convenience.


Bundala National Park is a famous location for migratory water birds in Sri Lanka. It also consists of many other species of birds of which the colorful flamingos are seen in abundance.


Kumana National Park is particularly known for migratory waterfowl and wading birds. This park covers the traditional foot pilgrimage to the Hindu Temple at Kataragama, which is dominated by the Sinhalese and Tamil Communities.


Minneriya National Park is a picturesque site where herds and herds of Elephants come out in the evening for their food and water . Many Tourists stay in around this location just to watch this magnificent site.


This park is proud to be associated with a string of floral species, of which some are very rare. Many Asian Elephants in all their glory are seen in their natural habitat. Buffaloes. Deer, Monkeys and other wild animals are commonly seen very frequently.