Sigiriya & Dambulla Day Tour

Sigirya & Dambulla have been nominated by UNESCO as world heritage sites. Sigiriya was also considered as the 8th wonder of the world. The fresco paintings at Sigiriya are world famous masterpieces and DambullaRock which is considered as a wonder where the water travels in an upward trend. Both these locations date back to the early centuries, and speak volumes of ancient history and art.

Departing location: The tour can be either started off from Colombo or the South Coast.

Places of Interest in & around the area:

Sigiriya Rock Fortress:

This giant rock which is a unique rock by itself was built by King Kasyapa with unimaginable water garden on top of the rock. The knowledge and skills the ancient Kings had then, to date stands as a mystery. The rock fortress has been claimed by UNESCO as a world heritage site and a magnificent site like no other in the world.

Dambulla Cave Temple:

The Dambulla Cave Temple is the largest and the best preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka. This temple is adorned by marvelous statues and paintings. Temple art lovers simply adore this place for the rare masterpieces, which are one of a kind. A short walk to the top gives you a magnificent look of the surroundings, and is very self satisfying.

Hiriwaduna Village Tour:

This village though small is bubbling with energy. The villagers live as if they are living in a world of their own. A catamaran boat ride gives you an awesome feeling as if you are on top of the world. People travel in bullock carts and have no access to modern technology. You will find authentic Sri Lankan meals cooked in traditional ways.

Sigiriya Spice Gardens:

Many Spices are found in the dry areas of Sri Lanka. One such place is in Sigiriya. The spices mainly found are cinnamon, cardamoms, nutmeg cloves etc. Many villages use spices in their day to day cooking. Generally spices are used for herbal and medicinal consumption and also for added health benefits.

  • Transport to Sigiriya&Dambulla from Colombo / South Coast and back
  • Lunch on tour
  • Entrance Fees: Sigiriya / Dambulla
  • 01 Authentic Hiriwaduna Village Experience
  • Anything that is not mentioned above