Kandy Day Tour

Kandy is a sacred city mainly to the Buddhists. The Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is placed in the DaladaMaligawa Temple. Many Tourists and locals flock to this city to pay homage as well as to see the beauty of the Kandyan Architecture, and also to witness the annual Kandy Perehera. People who are born and bred in this city are calledKandyans who are considered to be of high caste. There are many places of interest showcased in this city especially for the tourists.

Departing location: The tour can be either started off from Colombo or the South Coast.

Places of Interest in & around the area:

Elephant Orphanage – Pinnawala

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a nursery and breeding ground for wild Asian Elephants. Many Elephants come to this site for their daily baths and spend hours in the water. The tourists enjoy this site and the Elephants in their various poses. Many local and foreign families consider this place for ideal relaxation. Village cooked spicy food is available to arouse your taste buds in this location.

Kandy Temple:

The DaladaMaligawa or Temple of the Tooth Relic is considered to be the most sacred place especially to the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. People flock to this temple on a Poya Day to pay homage and observe Buddhist rituals. Foreigners enjoy the beautiful Kandyan Architecture and Carvings, and the many places of historical values and culture.

Royal Botanical Gardens:

The Royal Botanical Gardens is the oldest formal garden in Sri Lanka. It is universally renowned for its splendid collection of attractive and colorful Orchids. This Garden covers more than 4000 species of exotic plants, a vast variety of orchids, rich spices, rare herbal and medicinal plants and plenty of palm trees. Usually families spend the whole day in the Garden relaxing and giving an opportunity for the children to play various games as the environment and atmosphere seems very conducive to them.

Kandy View Point:

The Kandy View Point is regarded as the highest point which overlooks the beautiful lake and the entire Kandy City. One could capture this entire site with the blink of an eye in all its glory. Nature Lovers and Photographers make it a point to cover this view. Many street vendors gather around this area to sell their wooden masks, minibuddha statues picture post cards and other attractive souvenirs.

Spice Gardens:

Sri Lanka is renowned for its quality spices. There are over 15 different spices used in a Sri Lanka Home. These spices are exported to many Asian & European Countries and are traded in international Spice Markets. The Sri Lankan spices are really aromatic and many of them are used for medicinal as well as for cosmetic and perfume products.

Gem & Handicraft shops

Going back into history, Ceylon then and Sri Lanka now, has been locally and internationally famous for Gem Stones. The famous Blue Sapphires have been used even by the British Royalty. The excellent variety of Sri Lankan Gem Stones are traded in sophisticated international Gem Markets even to date. The intricately carved Handicrafts by our famous craftsman and sculptors showcase masterpieces in their true form, and have been accepted globally for its beauty and quality.

  • Transport to Kandy from Colombo / South Coast and back
  • Lunch on tour
  • Entrance fees to: Pinnawala / Kandy Temple / Dance Show / Botanical Gardens
  • Anything that is not mentioned above